The RoboCup Portuguese Committee aims at promoting the RoboCup initiative in Portugal. Portugal is one of the most represented countries in RoboCup, and has a tradition of organizing Robotics competitions that dates back to 1995, including the organization of RoboCup 2004. Also, a considerable number of Portuguese research institutions and universities have groups working in Robotics.

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The committee specific responsibilities are:
  1. Manage qualification for RoboCup leagues when slots are limited. The qualification will be based on the results from the corresponding regional competition but will also consider other criteria related to the technical quality and number of participants, according to the rules established in the "Regulation for the selection of the junior Portuguese teams participating in RoboCup Federation international competitions" (in Portuguese only)
  2. Serve as a point of contact for local RoboCup events and RoboCup Opens, namely those organized or endorsed by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica
  3. Promote RoboCup within Portugal
  4. Maintain RoboCup standards for scientific research and education within Portugal and uphold the RoboCup mission of sharing advances through friendly competition
  5. Maintain an English website to be linked to the main RoboCup website describing the RoboCup activities in Portugal